Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Acquiring Donations

TMLH is a small, but growing support group in the RTP area of North Carolina. We are lacking funds for basic care packages and supplies for CHD Awareness. For the past few weeks, I have been on the hunt for any donations I can get my hands on. As of now, I have three items from a popular TV show, a Tutu and a Painting on the way, and Gift Cards from a local restaurant.

I'm open to any suggestions or advice for obtaining more donations from local businesses, as well as celebrities. I don't care if they are an A Lister or C Lister! Celebrity is Celebrity.

Why am I doing this?

TMLH had just started it's meetings and was in it's infancy when we found them. They helped us tremendously and ultimately, we moved our daughter's cardiac care to Duke Children's, because of their support and advice. We have never regretted our choice to move our child's care and have been satisfied with our daughter's doctors since our move. I am committed to giving back to this group any way I can. I spend my spare time networking online for the group, raising awareness for CHDs and for the support group.

Please help us if you sell products (i.e. Avon, Custom Made Items, Jewelry, etc.) or if you have a contact that can help us acquire donations from any celebrities, musicians, artists, etc.


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