Saturday, May 22, 2010

*~* Cora's Bracelets *~*

For the past few months, I have been getting to know Kristine. She is working night and day to spread CHD Awareness to all moms to be. Kristine gave birth to a very special little girl, Cora, on November 30, 2009. Precious Cora passed away in her mother's loving arms on December 6, 2009 from an undetected Congenital Heart Defect or CHD. Her mother is selling Pink Cora Bracelets, making Cora Bows, blogging, and raising awareness all over the Internet! I thought I would share some of the many things she is working on, to help her, help our CHD community educate the public about Congenital Heart Defects.

Kristine, you are an amazing woman! Your little angel is surely smiling and celebrating with you...

By popular demand... Cora bracelets!

I've been "unofficially" selling these for awhile. Ben and I purchased them ourselves, but all the proceeds are going to Cora's Story, the non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and educating expecting parents about congenital heart defects.

Cora IS saving lives. I've read the first hand reports of babies saved because of her. We can do so much more. Buy a bracelet, save a baby. And, this way, you'll always have something pink for Wear Pink For Cora day.

Shipping is included and they're being shipped from our home so no third party costs. Did I mention every penny goes to raising awareness, educating, and saving lives?

Congenital heart defects are the number one birth defect, and kill more children than all forms of cancer combined. But, there is hope and through educating and working with expecting parents, much can be done to save these tiny hearts.

Click the "pay here" button where you can either pay with you PayPal account or via a credit card. There are two styles, the "I Wear Pink for Cora" that comes in child, medium and large sizes. All bracelets are $3, including shipping. Unfortunately, we can't offer shipping outside of the United States right now.

Make sure your shipping address is correct on PayPal. I email to confirm that I got your order and will mail within a few business days. Remember, shipping is included and all proceeds go to saving and improving lives.

If you'd like a bracelet or two, but don't want to use PayPal, you can send a money order or check made out to Cora's Story, Inc. to Cora's Story

715 Washington St. No 5

Decatur, Indiana46733

Just remember to specify what you'd like. :)

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